Our 20 kilowatt solar energy system will provide enough power to completely offset the usage by our well pump, orphanage, cafeteria, and dormitories.

This will save Tumaini over $10,000 USD per year!

The money saved over the lifetime of the system will directly benefit the children of Tumaini.

This means more scholarships, more rooms, more books, and more teachers!

Water from our well is used by both the children of Tumaini, and communities in the surrounding area. The system will allow us to cut our cost of distributing water.

This means higher sustainability, and greater access to clean water in nearby communities!


Hello, and thank you for stopping by to see how the solar installation is going at Tumaini! It has been a whirlwind getting the system installed in a limited timeframe, so the majority of these postings will be ex post …

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Learn about the model of sustainability being applied at Tumaini, and how this solar project will bring us closer to full self-sustainability.

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Learn more about the benefits this solar project supplies to the children of the Tumaini Center and the Jitegemea School..

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